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Evergreen Medical Panel (EMP) was founded by Jessy A. Ang, M.D., Psychiatrist, in 1990. He remains very active in the operation as President and Medical Director.  Dr. Ang started EMP as an alternative to traditional IME panel companies.  We have taken a low-profile, conservative approach to ensure we deliver what we promise.

We are a small, regional company working as an organized team.  For you, this means talking with someone you know and trust.  In short, our doctors  and staff provide you the tools to effectively manage and settle your complex medical injury claims.  Our expert medical examiners consistently demonstrate the ability to evaluate, interpret, and respond to your medical questions -- treating each case with individual attention.

Our client survey confirms that we meet and exceed claims manager's expectations regarding report quality, turnaround, and customer service.  By scheduling with Evergreen Medical Panel -- you'll be refreshed by a job well done...The first time, every time!

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